2013 AZNAFTO State Conference and Master FTO Selections

We have an update for the 2013 AZNAFTO State Conference and Master FTO Selections.

2013 has been a great year for the Arizona Chapter of NAFTO.  Our board has been very active and our instructors very busy teaching.  We wrapped up our year celebrating with over 100 Field Training Officers from around the state last Monday.  November 13th, 2013 was our AZNAFTO State Conference.  FTOs from around the state and from all ranks joined us to celebrate our accomplishments and help plan for the future.  

During the AZ Chapter conference we recognized three Field Training Officers for their exceptional service and awarded them with the NAFTO Master FTO Certificate.  The Master FTO recognition is available to training officers who are recommended by their agency for their commitment to the FTO program and also meet certain criteria set by the NAFTO Board and By-Laws.  

As a program manager or facilitator, the Master FTO certificate is a great way to express your appreciation to the FTO that exhibits right type of attitude and performance.  That FTO that is a positive role model not just for the new officers who are trained by the FTO, but also their FTO peers as well.  Join me here in thanking the following FTO’s for their work and special dedication:

Graham Tinius (Chandler Police Department)
Graham has been an FTO for 6 years.  During that time he has accomplished a number of things that have improved the work and quality of training at his department.  Graham set out to obtain laptops for each FTO in the program.  He met with a dealer and was given a bid that got the most bang for the buck.  Authored the memo requesting funds and set the policy in how they would be utilized.  It was authorized and now the department’s FTO program has a fleet of laptops used for documentation, archiving records, developing course outlines and teaching classes.  

Graham has also been on the AZNAFTO board for three years now.  Taking his commitment beyond the department and out to the state of Arizona.  Graham has authored more than a dozen course outlines and has taught all but one FTO school in two years.  

Matthew Cacciola (Chandler Police Department)
Matt has been an FTO for 6 years.  Matt has been a reliable and dedicated FTO to his agency.  Matt has trained over 50 new officers with his agency.  Everyone on the FTO world can imagine the level commitment that shows.  Not to mention the gray hairs!.  Matt has also been an essential part of the program’s Post Academy training.  Matt has taught numerous classes in Post Academy helping round out the new officer’s training after leaving the academy.  

Matt has also developed and authored the department’s FTO Mentorship Program.  This is a program established to help identify future Field Training Officers and help them train and develop for their future in training.  This program includes succession planning steps like classroom instruction, resume writing, ride-a-longs with FTOs and practice with interview skills.  

Ronald (RJ) Rodgers (Chandler Police Department)
RJ has been an FTO for 4 years.  During that time he has trained over 30 new officers.  RJ has helped his agency develop course outlines for several Post Academy classes.  He has also taught numerous classes to new graduates of the academy on topics like Policy and Procedure, Incident Command and Building Searches.  RJ is also the FTO program’s Traffic stop and High Risk Stop instructor.  

In addition to the hours spent teaching internally, RJ has also volunteered to teach at several NAFTO FTO Schools.  He has taught topics like Standardized Evaluation Guidelines and Adult Learning.  RJ was also instrumental in implementing an Adult Learning Test into the department’s FTO program.

Sgt. Dan Greene
NAFTO Executive Board
AZNAFTO Vice President