Message from Interim Executive Director

Hello everyone,

The National Association of Field Training Officers is alive and well. Yes, as President Hasselberger advised in his statement to the association, we are currently going through a transition period. To be sure our transition was a success, it became clear we needed to restructure certain elements of our leadership. For the time being, I’ve been asked to act as our association’s Interim Executive Director. I’m honored to have been considered to take this role and gladly accept. I look forward to fulfilling my duties in this critical position during these critical times.

Our Executive Board consists of very passionate men who have a clear vision for NAFTO’s future. I’m convinced that they have what it takes to guide NAFTO through a very important time where our association is staged to grow stronger and more influential then ever before. I’m confident in the Executive Board’s direction and their desire to accomplish the mission.

While I am confident in the board’s ability to steer our ship, I’m just as confident in the men and women who truly keep our association afloat. Field instructors from law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, and EMS build the membership of our beloved association. It’s your commitment to the organization that has always been the driving force of change, growth and success. It’s my pleasure to serve you all as your Executive Director.