NAFTO Board Elections Coming!

Board elections will be held at the upcoming NAFTO National Conference June 17 – 20 in Cheyenne, WY.

NAFTO is looking for future leaders.

The elections will be held during the national conference and you must be present.  NAFTO is growing leaps and bounds.  NAFTO is helping form the future of Field Training Programs nationally.  Those seeking employment in law enforcement, corrections and communications are the future.  Field Training Officers shape these new hires for success.  NAFTO provides guidance and leadership for the field training concept.  Be a part today!

If you have more questions about what is involved, you should contact one of the current board members for more information.

The length of term for all Offices is a one year term or until a successor has been elected.  You can read the By-Laws for more information.


Here is a excerpt from the By-Laws.

1.  Any eligible member may be nominated by themselves or others to the position of Member at Large ‘A’ and Member at Large ‘B’ prior to or during the annual National Conference.
2.  The Member at Large ‘A’ and ‘B’ positions shall be filled by popular vote of the membership at the annual conference business meeting.
3.  The First Vice President and the Second Vice President shall progress through the offices to the position of Immediate Past President.

1.  Candidates may choose to address their campaign to the membership using any reasonable lawful method.
2.  National will provide appropriate means for publishing candidate’s written statement via web site and /or newsletter.
i.  Candidates who wish to use National shall submit a Letter of Interest (150 words maximum and no graphs) to the President no later than December 31st of the year prior to the election.
3. It is the President’s responsibility to govern all elections.
4.  The candidate who has received a simple majority of the votes from the membership is deemed to have won the election.
5.  Nominations may not be carried over from one election to another.
6.  Officers at the National, State and Regional level may hold more than one office during a term.
7.  The length of term for all Offices is a one year term or until a successor has been elected.