WANAFTO Conference

Our annual conference in Spokane, WA is approaching quickly. We have a team of WANAFTO members along with two members of our Executive Board in Spokane next week to finalize our contract with the venue. Dates for our conference will follow shortly after that visit.

For me, one of the more enjoyable parts of the conference is recognizing the many members who have served their agencies and the training field with pride. NAFTO offers two great opportunities for our members to share their stories and recognize each other for a job well done. 

The NAFTO Master FTO Certificate is designed to recognize that FTO who committed him or herself to a life of learning. Not only do you serve as an accomplished field trainer, you also are dedicated to furthering yourself through continued education.

The NAFTO FTO of the Year award is an honorable award and offered to only a few trainers that have exhibited the character and commitment required to receive the award. Our website has the list of previous winners and you can see for yourself that all these award recipients have served with high levels of pride as well as accomplished many note-worthy projects or tasks for their training unit.

Please follow visit our website to read the requirements and guidelines for each award. If you feel you fit the bill for either award, please contact us soon. If you know an FTO who should be recognized with either award, please do them a favor and take the time to complete the process. This is a great way to bring some well-deserved attention to the men and women of our FTO teams who oftentimes go unnoticed.

Stay Safe